Ask Ana #37

Ask Ana #37

Image: Hi Ana, thanks to the answers to many questions we ask you and needless to say, your answers are brilliant and very informative, like the way you look and carry yourself in every way. May I know if you do swim as part of your routine exercise since swimming involves swinging arms and trains almost the whole body??? Love u lots!!!
Ana: Thanks! At the moment swimming is not part of my training regime but we plan to add it to my programme very soon, probably next month.

Mare: Hello Anci! I’d like to know if you’ve ever read a book or watched a movie Godfather. You are absolutely amazing. Thanks in advance and all the best
Ana: Yes, I have seen it. Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro are two of my favourite actors.

Go-Getter: What is your least favourite training activity?
Ana: I’m not really a fan of weights, so that is probably the part of my training programme that I enjoy least.

saira: Hey ana! I also play tennis, but I sometimes get nervous when I’m starting to lose. Can I do something so that I don't feel nerves?
Ana: Everyone gets nervous, even the greatest players of all-time. I think something would be wrong if you didn’t feel a little bit of nerves. The best thing to do when you get nervous is to focus only on the ball and your tactics. Try to forget about the score. Then hopefully you will be able to play your game.

Ian: How do you stay motivated in tennis?
Ana: I love tennis so I find it easy to stay motivated. I think it is easy to be motivated about something you love. But of course in any job there will be something you find difficult and don’t enjoy so much. Training is not easy but knowing that the rewards will come if I work hard keeps me motivated.