Ask Ana #3

Ask Ana #3

Vanja: Hay ANA!!! im Vanja, i live in Australia, born in Bosnia. i want to ask you besides Federer who is your favourite player? Who are you tour friends? who (apart from Novak) are you close to? Do you know Mario Ancic???
Ana: Hey Vanja! It’s hard to say. You don’t look at them as someone like an idol because you are all the time with them. You look at them as players like yourself. It’s hard to say who is my favourite besides Federer. When I was growing up I liked Agassi though. I am friends with Mario Ancic’s sister, Sanja, by the way! Regards, Ana.

Matthias: Hi Ana, since your match against Mauresmo during the French Open I am a big fan of you. I just read that you still visit college in your home country. Do you have a private teacher when you play tournaments abroad? What about friends, do you still have time for them or have you already made a lot of friends inside the WTA tour?
Ana: Hi Mathhias! No, I don’t have a private tutor, I study on my own when I am at tournaments. It is difficult because tournaments aren’t very quiet, so I usually study in my hotel or apartment. On the second question, of course I still have the same friends! One of my favourite things is to spend time with my friends in Belgrade! Regards, Ana.

kik0079: Hello Ana! Do you keep all the presents that you receive?
Ana: Of course! Regards, Ana.

Stephanie: Hi Ana. Nice to be able to write you. Do you think that you will play more doubles this year? We saw that you had some goods results with Nole and with Kirilenko. The doubles helps player to improve her net game and I think that it's a good practise for players. What about that? Stéphanie from WWW.ANA-IVANOVIC.INFO
Ana: Hey Stephanie! Yes I definitely plan to play more doubles this year. You are right, it definitely helps with the net game and it is good to get more practice. But there are many considerations. Actually I will write about this in my diary soon. One thing is that the player you want to play with might not to be available for the tournament. Regards, Ana.

Matéo: Hi, i want to know how ana has done the scar on her left arm. Thanks, happy day ciao (Matéo France)
Ana: Hey Mateo! It was a vaccination from when I was a baby! It was nothing unusual, the same vaccinations most babies had in Serbia, I think. Regards, Ana.