Ask Ana #4

Ask Ana #4

Katarina: Ana, i love your game and your personality, you rock! I just wanted to ask you is there any days when you feel like you don't want to go on a tennis court and that you are sick of tennis, and what are you doing when that happens?
Ana: No, no! I really love what I’m doing. I love every second of it. Of course sometimes you want to have a break and keep your mind off it. But I must say it’s very hard to imagine a life without tennis. If I had to do it all over again I would do it. Thank you very much for your compliments. Regards, Ana.

al: Why don’t you play in tier III tournaments?
Ana: Hey al! I like to test myself against the very best players. I think it is a great way to improve, so I like to play in bigger tournaments. But maybe I will play Tier III sometime! Regards, Ana.

robert renton: hi there ana how you ? i am from london england , when u come to england do u like the place, and what is your best part ? all the best take care . rob x
Ana: Hi Rob! I am well. I am looking forward to coming to England again in the summer. I like it there. Maybe my favourite thing is being able to stay in Wimbledon village. It’s very quiet and I can rent a house with my family, which is very nice. We can cook and relax better than in hotels. Also the crowds in England really love tennis! Regards, Ana.

Grzesiek: Hello Ana, I'm your fan from Poland, in my opinion you were the best player in J&S Cup Warsaw last year, my question is: What do you thing about my country and do you plan to visit Poland again ? Best wishes for you, you are the best :)
Ana: Hi! Thank you for the compliment. I like everywhere I have played. I love to go to new places and the organisations do a really good job for players to keep us happy. I am very grateful. I like Poland. I am playing in Warsaw again next month. I just hope it’s not as cold as it was last year! Regards, Ana.

David: Hello, Anna!! Do you like animals? Have dog or cat at home? I with you all the best in Warshaw. You are the best! Trust me!!!!!! Best Regards, David
Ana: Hi David. I don’t have any pets because I don’t spend too much time at home. I don’t like animals especially but I would like to have a golden retriever dog. Maybe when I stop playing tennis! Regards, Ana.