Ask Ana #5

Ask Ana #5

Sasha: Hi,dear Ana, I want to ask you, I think , MARIA KIRILENKO and NICOLE VAIDISOVA are all your enormous rivals in the future , Could you tell me how you appraise them ? I hope that you can answer !
Ana: Hey Sasha! They’re both great players, they play really well. Vaidisova had some great matches last year. Kirilenko is playing much better this year too. I am planning on playing doubles with her in Warsaw. We’re really bonding good. She’s a very nice person. Regards, Ana.

Ahu Rüzgar: You have 3 wishes free...what would you wish?
Ana: Hi Ahu. I can’t answer this! The most important thing is health. Regards, Ana.

Nigel: Hi Ana. As one of your English fans, I'd like to think that this website is helping with your language learning. So, could you teach us the Serbian word "ajde" (is it a word?) that you use when you blast a winner. What does it mean and how would you spell it (phonetically) so that we can say it correctly. It sounds something like "ayeh".
Ana: Hey Nigel! ‘Ajde’ really is a word for self-encouragement. It is like ‘come on’ in English. Every language has a word that players shout. The South Americans and Spaniards shout “Vamos!” and “Ajde” is like that. It is tough to spell phonetically because Serbian language is different to English. Maybe ‘iy-de’? Regards, Ana.

Luis Miranda: I have been your fan since a year ago, and during all that time, I have wondering, When will Ana become dominant? When does she expects to become number one and invincible? I believe that she is still learning, and getting everyday closer to her momentum, but it would be great if I she could tell us when she believes so will happen. Thanks in advance.
Ana: Hey Luis! My aim is always to be No.1, to be the best player in the world and win all the Grand Slams, but I never decide a time. I practice hard and when you work hard good things are coming. I really believe that. Regards, Ana.

May: Hi Ana, how are you?...I'm watching your match against Dementieva as I am writing this message. I really like the pendant you have on and I was wondering where you got it from? Good luck with the rest of the match. Thank you, Mey
Ana: Hi May! The necklace was a gift from my manager, Dan. He gave it to me for my eighteenth birthday last year. It is Chanel. I am glad you like it! Regards, Ana.