Ask Ana #6

Ask Ana #6

Rasko: Hi Ana, like most of our (serbian) good tennis players do you have plan to move to live in the USA? Just to tell you that you are tooooooooo cute and good luck in your future... and btw you play for the best team in the world! NAPRED PARTIZAN! best regards from NYC and see you at US Open :)
Ana: Hi Rasko! No, I don’t have plans to live in the USA. Switzerland is a great training base so I have no need to move to America. And of course I come back to Belgrade a lot too! Thank you for your compliment. Regards, Ana.

Tanja: Hey Ana!! i just wanted to tell you that i love the way u play and ur my idol and because of you iam gonna start tennis soon! anyway i had a guestion iam starting tennis soon and i was wondering is it hard in the start when your just learning the basics or is it easy ? Love from your Fan:Tanja Stojanovic
Ana: Hey Tanja! It’s not too difficult to learn the basics. It’s basically just natural movement. Everyone has different technique and it’s best to just relax and find your own way. Regards, Ana.

Fatih KILIC: hi ana! i watched you at the game with Dementieva first time. you played very well. you have great potential. i think you can beat all the women players now. you are so talented. you are so beautiful as well. i ask you a question. you are jumping before you serve. is it a concentration? have a good life....
Ana: Hi Fatih! Lately I’ve been focusing very much on my serve and bouncing a little bit helps me relax on my serve. Thank you for the compliments. Regards, Ana.

Karol Gmiat: Hi Ana :) Do You like football? Do You have favorite team or players?
Ana: Hey Karol. I’m not that much into football really. My favourite sports apart from tennis are basketball and volleyball. Regards, Ana.

enver doganyigit: Ana you are my best tennis player. I adore you. i live in turkey i am turkish.i am a student. i wanna watch you. why dont you come to turkey? come to istanbul for tennis match. you know last year venus wiliams came and won the tournament. please come and win it :-) kiss you Ana take care please reply me ok bye bye...
Ana: Hi Enver! Unfortunately this year I’m not going to Turkey. I’ve been to Istanbul once, it’s a lovely place. I was playing a tournament in Georgia and spent the night there. Maybe next year Istanbul will be on my schedule. Regards, Ana.