Ask Ana #7

Ask Ana #7

Tigran: Hello Anna, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to grant me some advice when i play tennis. When I play doubles where should i serve from on the base line because the closer I am to the mid line, my serves are apparently less powerful, and when i serve near the alleys, my serves are more powerful, but I do not know which one I should rely on more?
Ana: Hey Tigran. This is a really good question but it is difficult to answer! When you’re standing out wide you have better angles but it can be difficult because you are not used to it. You may be able to rely on your serves from the middle more because that’s where you serve in singles. But in doubles you should definitely stand a little to the side so you cover your half of the court. Regards, Ana.

brasil: ANA Hallo . Youre play alike Martina Hingis or other player ? Please Please Please Answer Me.
Ana: Hey brasil. I think I have a pretty different style of the game to Martina and other players. I try to attack a lot. My forehand is good and I try to do a lot of damage with my serve. But it still needs improvement. I’m also trying to work on my volleys and get to the net. Regards, Ana.

Redwan: Recently You played Maria Krilienko in Japan and lost to her in the 2ns round, then you played doubles with her a few days later, does it feel weird to play with someone who just beat you?
Ana: Hey. It was really strange! We played the day before doubles, then singles then doubles again later in the day. But in a career that can happen quite often if you play doubles. It was strange in the beginning but that match we played really good and we won. You have to put aside the singles and try to focus and make the best out of the situation. Regards, Ana.

rafael: ana whats u want to achive this year? win a grand slam? enter in the top 10? ure great
Ana: Thanks Rafael! My goal for this year is to reach the top 10. I want to win a Grand Slam too of course but my main aim is top 10. If I keep working hard I think I can do it. But more important is to keep improving. Regards, Ana.

Frank: Hi Ana To be honest your match against Elena Dementjewa was the first game I saw from you, but... I could not switch off the TV! I just wanted to say that I will keep the fingers crossed for the next matches. Do you have any plans yet to play a tournament in Germany? Viele Gruesse from a "not so successful tennis player from Frankfurt" :) Frank
Ana: Hey Frank! Yes I plan to play in Berlin next month! Regards, Ana.