Ask Ana #8

Ask Ana #8

Wei: Hello Ana, I know you do fancy Chinese food, so how about the probability for you come to the China Open this autumn held in Beijing? There are 1300000000 people could be your fans!
Ana: Hello Wei! My schedule for the autumn isn’t final yet but definitely I want to play sometime in China. I have an interest in Chinese history and I really want to visit the country. Thanks for your question. Regards, Ana.

Jan: What are you usually doing before a match?
Ana: Hello Jan! Before a match I like to be alone. I try and relax in the locker room, sometimes I listen to music or even play puzzles like sudoku or backgammon. But for 10 or 15 minutes just before the match I focus and think about the match. Regards, Ana.

DAVID: Hello ANA, My name is David.I am from Czech Republic.My English isnt´t good so that excuse my English please. You are my favourite tennis woman.I a lot trace your record and you personally.When I have time and giv your match on TV, than I am trying watch.I was too tennis player as you, but I have injury my elbow.So a play floorball.In one the goodest team in Czech Republic and tennis play only my free time.How plan your year´s tennis season???How plan your next life???You are VERY young woman.I´d rather if you were write back.And write any apart. Have a good time your fan.
Ana: Hey David. I don’t think much about my life after tennis yet. I am still young. But I’d definitely like to finish university. I think school is very important. Regards, Ana.

Mark: What is your favorite surface to play on?
Ana: Hi Mark! I think I can play good on all surfaces but my favourite one is probably hard courts. Regards, Ana.

justin willis: I'm sixteen and would like to visit you sometimes you are a very pretty girl and you are just my type. I would like to know what colors you like to wear no the tennis court. You really did well at the Pacific life tournament
Ana: Thanks for your compliment Justin! I like the colours of my new adidas outfits, the red and white one but maybe most of all I like to wear purple and blue on court. Regards, Ana.