Ask Ana #9

Ask Ana #9

Alex: Ana, you have spoken in the past of your high regard for men's world # 1 Roger Federer. Have you ever had the chance to speak with him?
Ana: Hi Alex. We had a chance to talk a little bit in Melbourne this year. He’s a great guy. It was great because some time ago I was admiring him, he was a big star for me and then I was chatting to him like a friend! We talked about tennis, practice and things like that. Regards, Ana.

Keith: Hey Ana, In your short but highly successful career, is there one particular match that is your favorite?
Ana: Definitely playing against Mauresmo at the French Open last year. That is my favourite match. It was unbelievable, winning against such a great player on the main court at a Grand Slam. I think even when I am old I will remember this match! Regards, Ana.

Alicia: Hi Ana! I'm just wondering, how frequently do you feel, that your opponents (or press) think, that tennis means not so much for you, that the most important side for you is fashion or photoshoots? Thank you!
Ana: Hi Alicia. I don’t read all the articles, so I don’t think about this. I can say that apart from family, friends and health, tennis is the most important thing for me. Someone would have to be very silly if they think that tennis does not mean so much for me. Also, I don’t spend much time doing photoshoots, just a few times a year, and often it is to help promote things, like the women’s game and the sponsors.

Kevin: Hi there, I have a three part question. I was just wondering what you do in between matches during tournments, what you do after matches and what your favourite food is? All the best, Kev
Ana: Hi Kevin. What can I say?! I do so many things. I have lots of interests so after matches there are many things to do. Sometimes I read books. Me and my mother are always reading and swapping books. I love watching DVDs – films and Friends. I still have to study so I occasionally do that and of course I like to go out to dinner. My favourite food is sushi. I like very much Asian food. Regards, Ana.

Andrea TC: Hi Ana! I was wondering, you having played so many tournaments in your life, Have you ever played in South America? If you have, what do you think of it? That`s all !! Cya
Ana: Hi Andrea! I’ve been to South America a lot! I was there for two months playing tournaments. I loved it. It was a great time for me. I enjoyed it a lot. Regards, Ana.