Ask Ana returns!

Ask Ana returns!

We are delighted to annouce the return of Ask Ana, the feature that allows you to pose questions directly to Ana.

To ask a question, simply click the Ask Ana button on the menu that runs across the top of the page, then fill out the short form. To ensure that as many questions as possible are answered, please keep them to a reasonable length - no more than 250 characters.

We must stress that not all questions will be answered, rather Ana will respond to a selection as often as possible. Given the time she is kind enough to devote to writing her diary, this may be as infrequent as just once a month, but we are hopeful it could be as often as once a week. We are expecting the first set of answers to be published within the next 7 days.

Questions will be responded to in batches and published as news stories as soon as they have answers. Please use the Ask Ana form to put your questions to her, rather than in comments on her diary pages.

Click here to ask Ana a question.