Blic newspaper interview

Blic newspaper interview

Blic newspaper in Serbia interviewed Ana during the recent Fed Cup tie in Zagreb. The publication asked Ana some imaginative questions and gave the feature a unique headline:

Ana Ivanovic reveals details of her personal life for Blic
Pancake expert
Author: T. Dragojevic | 30.04.2008 - 00:11

Ana Ivanovic is the world’s tennis player number two, but may well be the undisputed number one in the number of interviews given to both domestic and foreign media. Bearing in mind the multitude of questions she has been asked over the course of her career, Blic tried to bring up a few Ana would answer for the first time ever. Simultaneously we tried to probe the appetite of the 20-year-old, 186-centimetre-tall Serbian tennis star.

Firstly, let’s not forget that Ivanovic recently claimed to have eaten 15 bananas during her match against Monica Niculescu at the FED Cup qualifying tournament in Budapest.

“I can’t eat that many bananas. It was more like a joke. The truth is I ate three during that match,” Ana tells Blic.

What about your appetite for pancakes?

“Only one is my limit.”

I must admit I find that hard to believe.

“Seriously, that’s all I can eat. Whenever I’m in Belgrade I go to Pinocchio’s for a pancake. They’re just huge there. I make them too at home as my brother adores pancakes; on those occasions I even eat three of them.”

If you were the captain of a ship where would you sail with your crew?

“To Australia, no doubt. After Serbia that is my favourite country – I could definitely live there. I have some relatives in Australia, too. The people there are laid back, I can enjoy the surf as much as I want to and I always have a great time,” Ivanovic pours it out in one breath.

Hollywood star Wentworth Miller, more famous for his star role as Michael Scofield in the TV show Prison Break, expressed a wish to meet you after you said he was the ideal man.

“I read what he’s said in the papers, but I don’t know if that’s really true, because some of the news that appear in magazines eventually turn out to be completely untrue. What I know for a fact is that a lot of girls watch the show just because of Wentworth.”
Where did you last go shopping?

“In Miami. I hate it that I missed the opportunity to go shopping in Zagreb as I’d spotted some interesting shops around the town. Croatia’s capital is very much like our Belgrade, it’s only that it has trams and buses in much better shape. I did shop around Miami and get some trousers, T-shirts and stuff.”

When will the Zira shopping mall TV commercial be aired?

“It should be aired first during either Roland Garros and Wimbledon. The off-court activities are always fun and I must say I had a great time shooting the commercial.”

So much you would consider switching your career to that of a film superstar?

“No, no, that won’t happen. I ought to stick to tennis,” Ana shrugs off the proposition.

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