Chat with Ana and David Taylor

Chat with Ana and David Taylor

We caught up with Ana and her new coach David Taylor shortly after their second day of training together

Gavin Versi: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, David.
David Taylor: No problem at all.

GV: When did you first see Ana playing in person?
DT: I first saw her at a tournament in Vienna, Austria in 2004. She’d received a wild card into the tournament. I’d heard about her and approached her to have a hit with Alicia [Molik], who I was coaching at the time, just so I could see how good she was. I was impressed immediately with how cleanly she hit the ball.

GV: Obviously you have only started working with Ana and it will take time for you and her to build a relationship and implement your new ideas. When can we expect to see improvements?
DT: It’s true that making changes to a player’s game, especially when they’re still developing like Ana is, takes time. But I hope we will see some improvements before the end of the season. It’s a very exciting prospect.

GV: What do you think of Ana as a person?
DT: She’s such a lovely girl, which I think is a credit to her parents. She’s such a great communicator at just 18-years-old and shows maturity in so many areas. She has a great skill of being such a tremendous competitor on the court and such a nice person off it. I think it’s an invaluable skill for life, but also for a professional player.

GV: You’re known for being a very talented coach but also for being quite a laid-back and approachable guy. Will you be strict enough?
DT: Oh, I can be firm; don’t worry about that! Ana loves tennis, she loves to compete and she has a great attitude to her training. It’s been a very exciting couple of days for us both, I think, and Ana is very motivated.

GV: Thanks, David.
DT: No problem. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure.

GV: Hi Ana. David says it’s been pretty exciting, training together these past couple of days.
Ana: Yes, definitely. I think we’re both really happy to be working together.

GV: What did you know about David before you hired him as your coach?
Ana: I’ve known him for a couple of years and it’s clear that he’s a very good coach. His reputation in tennis is very high. He’s been my favourite coach for some time. He’s always seemed very positive and he’s a very nice guy. He’s very good for motivation and we have great communication on court. It feels great to practice with him.

GV: You said before that David is well suited to helping you achieve your goals: what are they at the moment?
Ana: I would still like to finish the year in the top 10. It is going to be very, very difficult. But the ranking is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that I am improving. At this age, improving is more important than results actually. You have to commit to some changes in your game and sometimes that might mean achieving slightly worse results at first, but as long as you are improving, that is the most important thing because then the results will definitely come.

GV: Thanks for your time, Ana. I know you are working very hard at the moment so I will let you get back to work.
Ana: Thank you. I will tell you all more about everything soon! Take care.