Coaching update

Coaching update

Ana and Heinz Gunthardt have ceased their coaching relationship. The pair began working together in February, with Gunthardt serving as Ana's coach through to this month's China Open. Although the Swiss was an almost ever-present figure at Ana's tournaments during this time, he combined the role with his position as lead commentator for Swiss television.

"I'm very grateful to Heinz for all his hard work, and for sharing his knowledge with me," said Ana. "We had nice success together and we definitely made improvements to my game.

"Looking ahead, I really need a full-time coach who is with me at all tournaments and during training periods. Heinz has family and other obligations, which I fully respect, so he is unable to give me the kind of commitment I am looking for."

Gunthardt said: "It's been a real pleasure working with Ana. She's got lots of talent and I feel in the last few months the hard work that we have put in started to pay off. If Ana feels she needs a coach at her side full-time to be able to further improve, it cannot be me."

"I wish her all the best and I will be supporting her."