David Taylor chat, part one

David Taylor chat, part one

We recently caught up with Ana's coach David Taylor to talk about her Rogers Cup win and how their partnership is going

Gavin Versi: Hi David, thanks for taking the time to speak to us.
David Taylor: Anytime.

GV: Ana admitted she is surprised by how quickly she’s improved. Are you surprised?
DT: I am a little bit, but I have huge belief in Ana. I think the two main areas she’s improved on are her fitness – she’s got a lot leaner and has more muscle – and she’s made great mental gains. Possibly they’ve connected – she feels much more secure about her tennis because she moves so much better.

GV: What changes have you made to her game?
DT: We’ve changed the technique a little bit. We’ve looked at her serve and her defence and her return game too. Scott has done a great job with her fitness, but of course he can only do as much as Ana has been willing to do, and she has been so motivated to train – I think the results are clear to see, and she deserves all the credit.

GV: How does fitness impact on her overall game?
DT: She’s going to be able to hurt people more often if she’s in better position, and we’ve made some technical changes to her movement. She can deliver more force to her balls than she used to.

GV: At times in Montreal, her backhand looked as good as her forehand.
DT: I think her backhand is actually a weapon. When you have such an incredible forehand it’s easy to forget about your backhand, or think that it’s a weakness. That’s not the case, and I think that Martina [Hingis] said that when she went to her backhand side, Ana was still hitting winners.

GV: How about the on-court coaching trial? She won a Tier I event without once nominating you as her coach.
DT: We were pretty much against the on-court coaching, so it was satisfying that Ana won the tournament without using it. I think that says a lot about this test that the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour are doing and I hope they notice that.

GV: Both you and Ana spoke about your enjoyment of practice sessions when you first began working together. Seven weeks on, is it still as enjoyable?
DT: Every day is fun. Ana is just a pleasure to work with. She’s improved so much in a short amount of time that it’s like a compulsion for her to train now. When you work very hard and you get success you just want to work harder, because you know that more success will come. That’s a big motivation for her.

In part two, which will be published soon, we talk to David about the US Open