David Taylor chat, part two

David Taylor chat, part two

Gavin Versi: What do you think about Ana’s US Open draw?
David Taylor: I don’t like to get too wrapped up in draws. In Montreal she had a tough draw from the start. She played Golovin, who was the highest ranked non-seeded player in the first round, and Jie Zheng, who had just won a tournament the previous week, in the next round. She won the tournament. Equally, she had what you’d probably say was an easier draw in Los Angeles, and she didn’t go as far. On paper it’s a difficult draw, but if you must look ahead there are a lot of reasons to be confident. In any case, things often open up and very rarely go as you would expect them to, so you must focus only on your first match.

GV: Ah, the old “one match at a time” cliché.
DT: (Smiles) I know it’s a cliché and the media may not like it, but I can promise you it’s very true and the only way to approach your tennis. If you don’t take it one match at a time and start focussing on, for example, a third round match against Serena, and it doesn’t happen, it’s been a huge waste of energy. You really can’t get ahead of yourself. That’s something I think is true in life, not just in tennis.

GV: How about the first match then, against Dushevina?
DT: They’ve played each other four times before, mostly recently in LA, where Ana won very convincingly, two and one. She’s wary of Dushevina, she’s lost twice to her before, once in juniors where Dushevina had a lot of success. She’s beaten a lot of top players and she made the final of Eastbourne last year. Everyone plays great, and that’s another cliché that’s true: never underestimate your opponent.

GV: How excited are you, what with this being your first Grand Slam together?
DT: No doubt it’s very exciting. Obviously with the results leading up, it’s almost beyond our expectations. We knew we’d see some real gains in her play by the end of the season, but it’s happened very quickly. Scott, her fitness trainer, has been really impressed with how she’s advanced.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that Ana is an amazingly quick learner. We played ping-pong during the rain delays in Montreal. I started out beating her easily, but by the end of the week she was beating me. It was incredible. She’s very intelligent and has an amazing feel for tennis, which allows her to pick things up fast. So we’re excited, but you can’t get ahead of yourself.

GV: How will the Montreal win help her at the US Open?
DT: It’s mainly about confidence. She’s now won a Tier I, which is the level below a Grand Slam. I think that with the exception of Sharapova no one has ever won a Grand Slam without first winning a Tier I. So she’s a step closer to doing something at a higher level.

Ana’s always been a player who could have unbelievable results for two or three matches in a week, but has never been able to put together five or six matches, which is at least what it takes to win a Grand Slam. She’s going to have a lot more confidence in the latter stages of tournaments now because of her win in Montreal, but we still shouldn’t expect too much from her. There are so many things in her game that can get better, and no matter how she does she will learn a lot from this tournament.

GV: Thanks again for your time.
DT: No worries. We'll talk again soon I'm sure.

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