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April podcast May 2nd 2007

The April podcast is now online. During the seven-minute audio report, Ana discusses the past month, both on and off the court, and looks forward to the European claycourt season. Click here to download the MP3 file.

Producer: Simon Mundie
Voiceover: Simon Mundie
Script: Vanja Vukojevic

May Competition: Win a signed racket. Click here to enter if you haven't already.

May competition May 1st 2007

We would like to thank everyone for their entries to the April competition. The judges are currently reading through each story and the winners will be announced shortly.

In the meantime we are launching the May competition. The prize is a Wilson racket signed by Ana.

For a chance to win, please send an email to with the answer to the following question:

Ask Ana #53 Apr 30th 2007

Duncan: Would you like to go into space?
Ana: No, I would not like to go into space! I’m actually a little bit scared of it. It’s a strange, unknown world.

Matija: Do professionals wear new wrist bands every match? I notice they often throw them into the crowd.
Ana: I’m not sure about the other players but I wash mine after each match!

Ana and Maria, part two Apr 28th 2007

Following yesterday’s interview with Ana about their doubles partnership, today we talk to Maria Kirilenko about the team game:

You and Ana are usually the team that the crowd supports. Does this add pressure, or does it give you more confidence?

Ana and Maria, part one Apr 28th 2007

We recently talked to Ana about her doubles partnership with Maria Kirilenko:

How exactly did you and Maria first start playing together?
In Australia last year we had a couple of practices together after we had lost in singles. We were both waiting to go to Tokyo. She asked me if I’d like to play doubles. At the time I wasn’t planning to play, but then I thought it would be good to get some more matches. We played well and reached the semi-finals. She had a partner at that time, [Gisela] Dulko, but after that we became a team.

Video analysis of Ana’s forehand Apr 26th 2007

Professional tennis coach and researcher Andy Fitzell of the Vic Braden Tennis College has provided a unique first-hand view of Ana’s world-class forehand using his own tools of video analysis.
Left-click here to open it in your default media player or right-click and "Save Target As" to download.

Ask Ana #52 Apr 24th 2007

Andrea: What is your favourite movie that you saw lately?
Ana: Probably Little Miss Sunshine. I loved this movie.

Gianni_Bucci: I read that Francesca Schiavone likes to drive her car fast to relax. I also read that you passed your driving test recently. So do you also like to drive fast to relax?
Ana: Definitely not! I am a careful, safe driver.

Matti: Hi Ana, My name is Mateusz and I come from Poland. It's a pity that you won't come to Warsaw this year. Why did you resign from J&S Cup? Love, Mateusz

Ask Ana #51 Apr 23rd 2007

Joe rosensweig: What different footwear do you have for the different surfaces, such as grass, clay, and hardcourt?
Ana: I have different shoes for each of these surfaces. The soles are different for each, so that they grip the court the best way. The movement is very different on clay compared to grass, for example, so it’s important to wear the right shoes.

rich covell: Ana before a tournament do you ever watch films of opponents on your side of the draw, to get a game plan?

Reaction to doubles changes Apr 21st 2007

Ana was recently asked for her opinion on the changes to the doubles scoring system that are being trialled by the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour:

No-ad scoring is the biggest alteration: under the new system the point that follows “deuce” is a sudden-death point – whoever wins it wins the game. Additionally, third sets have been abolished; instead, when the first two sets a are split, a first-to-10 points Super Tiebreak takes place.

Ask Ana #50 Apr 20th 2007

Rebeka Bischoff: Dear Ana, you are my favourite player, you are always so friendly to your fans. Do you string all your racquets with the same string and tension?
Ana: Thanks! Most of my rackets are strung at the same tension but I always put at least one in my bag that is a little bit tighter, so if I don’t feel I have enough control of the ball I will switch to this record during a match. Strings are always the same: a combination of natural gut string and a synthetic string.