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Ask Ana #31 Sep 24th 2006

Thomas: Are you planning on playing in the Zurich Open? I will be at the Zurich Open on my trip to Switzerland. What would recommend visiting during my stay in Switzerland? Good Luck the rest of 2006 and in your tennis career
Ana: Thanks for your support. I am planning to play in Zurich next month. It is one of my favourite tournaments. I recommend that you take a boat cruise on the lake so you can see the amazing views of the Alps. Also visit the Old Town, and if you like shopping you should visit the Bahnhofstrasse.

Tough draw at FORTIS Championships Sep 23rd 2006

Ana will face five-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams in the first round of the FORTIS Championships, which begins on Monday. Ana is seeded sixth for what is the opening tournament of the European indoor season.

Ana has played the American once before, a memorable second round clash in Zurich two years ago, which Williams won in two tiebreak sets. Williams has not played since Wimbledon and missed last month’s US Open with a left wrist injury.

Ask Ana #30 Sep 22nd 2006

Sven: Hallo Ana, I'm a big fan of you ever since I saw you first play. What I was wondering is, how doubles partners "find" each other. I mean, if you see somebody you want to play doubles with, do you simply ask the player, or do you ask your management to ask her management? And how do you actually register in a tournament? Do both players call a phone number? Thanks a lot, Sven

Ana's forehand analysed Sep 21st 2006

Pros and pundit’s talk about Ana’s groundstrokes, in particular her mighty forehand

Chris Bradnam, Eurosport commentator
“I personally think that Ana’s forehand comes alive when she’s moving around the ball. When the ball’s coming down the middle of the court and she has to move to her left to play the shot, she’s different class. She’s taking the ball on the rise and it’s just devastating.

Ana coaches the forehand Sep 20th 2006

We asked Ana to explain how she hits a forehand and to give a few tips to those looking to emulate it

“I use a semi-Western grip. It can be easily found by picking up a racket lying face down on ground. A ‘V’ should be formed by the thumb and forefinger to the right of the centre of the grip, as you look along the shaft. It is a grip that allows me to play a variety of forehands and easily combines with a shorter backswing for returns. It also allows me to change quickly to a continental grip (the serve and volleying grip) when moving to net.

No change in rankings Sep 18th 2006

Ana remains at No.15 in the latest Sony Ericsson WTA Tour singles rankings, which are published today. There are no positional changes anywhere in the top 20.

Despite losing in the first round of last week’s Wismilak International, the gap between Ana and Francesca Schiavone, who is ranked 14th, has closed to seven points because the Italian did not defend the points she earned by reaching the Bali final 12 months ago.

Ana’s doubles ranking slips one place to No.53, while she is unchanged at No.13 in the Porsche Race.

Ask Ana #29 Sep 18th 2006

chris: You have often said that Melbourne is your favourite city, and you have relatives there. What do you like about Melbourne? Do you do much sightseeing there?
Ana: I’ve probably done more sightseeing in Melbourne than at other tournaments, because I trained there last December, so I had some free time. Also my uncle lives in Mentone, so I have been there quite a lot. One of the best things about Melbourne is the people. I really like Australians: they seem laid-back and friendly. I’m very happy that both my coach and physical trainer are Australians.

Ask Ana #28 Sep 16th 2006

Eduardo von Hafe: As a young boy, I practiced and played tennis to become professional but in our country (Portugal) tennis was not an option at the time, so when I was 16 I chose to study and graduate. Do you think its possible for a boy/girl to study and try a career in tennis nowadays? Best regards, wish you success, Eduardo

Ask Ana #27 Sep 15th 2006

Lena: Hey Ana! What was your first thought after you scored the matchball in Montreal? It was definitely a great tournament and I think a foretaste of what is to come. Does it help you to read the fan´s comments? Does it gives you confidence, or what do you feel? You´re an amazing tennis player! All the best!

Ask Ana #26 Sep 14th 2006

kevin: Hi Ana! First of all, I want to tell you that you're the kindest girl on the WTA tour and I really appreciate the fact that you're so close of your fans. I want to ask you what do you do during the travels in airplane especially if they are long and I wanna know if it's difficult with the jet lag especially the day after for the training? Thanks for the answers, take care!! Kevin