The latest news about Ana!

Ana started preparations for the new season Nov 22nd 2005

Ana is back in Switzerland where she started preparations for the new season. Ana is doing fitness training for two weeks with Pierre Paganini. They started in Lausanne, Switzerland’s fifth biggest city, situated on the banks of Lake Geneva and the home of the Olympic Museum. Ana is working on a combination of strength and endurance work, circuit training and running.

Next week, Ana and Pierre will be joined by Zoltan Kuharsky in Biel, Swiss national tennis centre. This is where Ana will start practicing her tennis and continuing to work on a wide range of fitness exercises.

Welcome to Ana’s revamped website Nov 15th 2005

It is a great pleasure for us to present you Ana’s revamped website! Our aim was to create a site that brings Ana closer to the fans all around the world. We hope you enjoy all the extras we have put into the site.

The release of the new website is in direct response to fans’ comments. One of the most frequent email topics we received in the past year about Ana’s Autograph cards. The new ecommerce module which allows secure ordering is now integrated in the website.

The capacity crowd cheered for Ana Nov 14th 2005

Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic played a charity match for rebuilding of the Avala TV tower near Belgrade. The event included one set match, which Ana won 7-5, and an extensive entertainment programme. The capacity crowd cheered for Ana which seem to have decided the outcome.

“Thank you everyone for coming.” Ana said a post match interview “I enjoyed the match and Nole is a real gentleman for letting me win. We hope to have more great events such as this one.”

Ana to play Novak tomorrow Nov 13th 2005

Ana is to play Novak Djokovic in a charity match in Belgrade tomorrow. This charity event is aimed to raise money for the reconstruction of the Avala TV Tower.

“This is an ideal opportunity for our supporters to see us live in Belgrade. I hope people will come in numbers. As for the match outcome, I am not sure if I can beat him, let’s wait and see” said Ana.

Thank You All Nov 8th 2005

Thank you all for birthday wishes, flowers, cards and presents.

The weekend was completely wonderful. On her birthday Ana went out with her family and friends to a nightclub in Belgrade. They had a brilliant time. The following day, Tennis Club Partizan Belgrade organised a birthday party for Ana.

During the ceremony Ana said she is hoping for a top 10 finish next year.

On the picture is Ana with her younger brother Miloš.

Beauty queen of only eighteen … Nov 6th 2005

a thousand tiny moons
from each tennis ball
I hear them fall --
18th birthday
people ask about my dreams.

Happy birthday Ana!

- haiku by Linda Jeannette Ward (edited)

Fastest riser through the ranks Nov 5th 2005

This was the headline in The Guardian some 6 months ago about Ana's progress last year.

It may well be valid for this season as well.

Ranked 100 when she played her first match this season against Tyra Calderwood (AUS) in Canberra; Ana is now well inside the top 20. It's a big jump; no other player has made such a fast rise this year.

2005 moments: I am your biggest fan! Nov 4th 2005

Dear Ana,
I do not know how many South Africans have written to you (I've sent 2 messages before), but I am sure I am your biggest fan amongst all of them! I support you for 2 reasons, i) the excellent game you play, and ii) the fantastic example you set on and off the court - tennis needs and deserve tough but fair competitors like you.

2005 moments: Miami biggest breakthrough Nov 1st 2005

Archive article: Ivanovic's biggest breakthrough may have come just a few weeks ago at the NASDAQ-100 Open in Miami. After an earlier victory against world No.12 Nadia Petrova, Ivanovic defeated a Top 10 player for the first time with a three-set victory against world No.7 Svetlana Kuznetsova.

"I felt a little nervous, but I believed all the time that I could win that match," Ivanovic said. "For me, the most important thing is to stay calm and that it is not important who is the opponent."