ELLE magazine feature

ELLE magazine feature

Ana is featured in the latest issue of ELLE magazine in Spain.

The following is a translated extract:

Ana Ivanovic is a humble girl, seriously speaking, and with a charming shyness, which comes with her striking features. She says her beauty, as is the case with her fellow players, "is being used to stress the glamorous aspect of tennis. It's complicated to stay away from that. As for me, I enjoy when I have a photo session once in a while, or when I try new styles... but above all, I'm concentrated on the game."

She likes to listen to her iPod in her spare time and... she is a predator of history books! That's why, whenever she goes to a new city, she tries to find a guide to walk the streets and get to know the local culture in depth.

Her mother likes to travel with her. "It's a big help to have her with me on the road." But her father and brother cannot visit her as much as she would like. "That's what I miss the most, them, my friends too, but I know that's the price I must pay to follow my dream of becoming No.1".

Photo: Conrad White