ELLE Magazine feature

ELLE Magazine feature

Ana is featured in the new issue of ELLE Magazine in Serbia. The following is an approximate translated extract from the exclusive Q&A interview:

Are you, like the majority of sportspeople, superstitious?
I must admit, at the beginning of my career I was pretty superstitious; now I try not to be a slave to those things and to minimize them. But there are always some small rituals that I follow during tournaments, because I feel better if there’s some order and system in which to operate. The familiarity is reassuring, and it helps mentally, For example, I might have dinner in the same restaurant the night before my matches at a certain tournament, or I will listen to the same music when I’m alone before going onto the court.

During the summer you were forced to take a break because of an injury. How hard it is for you to rest and take therapies, and how do you spend this time when you are unable to practice and compete?
Tennis is a sport which requires considerable physical and psychological effort. What’s more, the tournament calendar is extremely busy throughout the year and there almost isn’t any time for a break. That is the reason we get so many injuries, especially young players, who are more at risk because they are not yet strong enough. Injuries are very hard to accept, especially as I am not able to compete. It’s also frustrating because if you are injured, the previous months’ efforts are almost wiped away – you are starting again from scratch. But even during that period you can do a specific conditioning program, so that the body stays in active shape. Also, I try to do other things I love and don’t have enough time for, like hanging out with friends.

How do you spend time off-court during tournaments?
During tournaments a lot of time is spent each day on massages, exercises and also talking to the media, or doing some activities on behalf of the tournament organizers, like visiting sponsors or attending some social events. When the working day is over, I rest with a good book or a movie. Only when the tournament is over do I find time for going out – shopping or visiting some interesting places nearby. I always want to know something new about the city or the country that I visit.

Considering that you are always impeccably dressed and made up, do you have a person who is responsible for your styling, hairstyle, make-up?
Because I spend most of the time with my mum, she is my biggest adviser. I like to read fashion magazines to see what’s ‘in’ right now. There are situations when professionals take care of my look, which is not frequent. I try to remember pieces of advice I get from stylists during photoshoots.

How important is it for you to be ‘in’?
Although it interests me to know what’s ‘in’, tennis is always the absolute priority, so I usually lack the time to attend fashion shows and the like. I make up for this by reading fashion magazines. Regarding clothes, I like dresses, either elegant or the ones for every day. I like to choose footwear on occasion; for going out in the evening high heels are mandatory. I rarely use make-up, but in order to be ready for special occasions, I always have make-up in my purse.