Financial Times and Reuters articles

Financial Times and Reuters articles

Ana was featured in two excellent newspaper stories over the weekend. The Financial Times described Ana as "tennis perfection", while Reuters published an extensive interview with the 19-year-old about her rise to the top and future goals.

From the Financial Times:

By Eleanor Preston

If there is an ideal of tennis perfection in looks, talent and personality, Ana Ivanovic is probably it. There are pretty players, gifted players and personable players but the 19-year-old Serbian is all three. She could have been dreamt up in a laboratory by white-coated scientists on a mission to make the ultimate 21st-century female player.

From Reuters:

By Matt Cronin

Ivanovic believes she has found her place in the top echelon of the game.

"I feel an excitement to be where I am," she said. "Reaching the top 10 was my goal for a while and now I feel my game is at a really high level.

"But I need to take it step by step and not think too much about it, because it's dangerous if I don't think realistically."

Ana's Sony Ericsson WTA Tour ranking is down one place to No.5 as a result of her defeat in the second round of the Rogers Cup last week. She remains third in the Race to the Sony Ericsson Championships