Gloria magazine feature

Gloria magazine feature

Ana is on the cover of the current issue of Gloria magazine in Serbia. The following is a translation of the feature. All words copyright of Gloria.

She’s got everything. She is pretty, talented, successful and rich, though she is just 19. In a short period of time she has achieved unbelievable success in tennis. In just over a year she improved her ranking by 608 places and last season she finished 14th.

Besides her performances, Belgrade girl Ana Ivanović appeals to the media with her good looks. In the contest for the sexiest tennis player in the world she has beaten famous Russian beauties Maria Kirilenko and Maria Sharapova; afterwards she was named new tennis Lolita by journalists. Despite admitting she likes that “title” Ana, nevertheless, claims that compliments on about her game mean much more to her, although her beautiful face, sex appeal and charm have helped her to sign many endorsement contracts.

Before the Australian Open in Melbourne she promoted a new s collection of clothing that her sponsors adidas created specially for her. Ana, whose idol used to be Monica Seles, has the short-term goal of reaching the top 10 while long-term she coverts the No.1 ranking.

“The beauty of this sport is that no matter how much you play, every next point is different from the previous one, so there’s always a challenge. When you enjoy a victory, you want to repeat the experience,” Ana says. Like many professionals she employs a couple of superstitions: she bounces the ball only once before serving and tries not to step onto lines of court.

The biggest support Ana gets during tournaments is from her family: mum Dragana, father Miroslav and brother Milos, who is younger by three years. She started to play tennis when she was five. She was watching match of Monica Seles on television and during the break she saw a commercial for a tennis club. She remembered the phone number and persuaded her parents to enroll her in classes. That love lasts even today, although her devotion to the sport means that she must forsake many of the activities enjoyed by girls her age. “The life of people who play professional sports is very specific, especially if they train from their childhood,” she explains.

“I have missed many excursions, parties and hanging out; it was not a sacrifice for me, but choice, because I did what I loved. Discipline and good organisation go without saying. I had reduced my spare time to a minimum.

“During moments of relaxation I like reading and watching movies. When I like a novel of an author I usually read a couple more of his works. In the past year I’ve read Paolo Coelho, Dan Brown and recently Erich von Daniken. I also enjoy shopping, but I don’t do it while I am competing in a tournament because it would take me away too much energy.”

A good pair of jeans is her most important item of clothing. With them she easily combines other garments depending on the occasion she is dressing for. She doesn’t mind spending money on a dress that sweeps her off her feet at first sight, especially if there is a special occasion to wear it on. “I feel most comfortable in sport-elegant clothing,” she says.

“I’ve got a tendency to classical rather than extravagant dressing. I am not addicted to brand stuff, it’s more important that it suits me, that has quality and that I feel good wearing it. From time to time I buy a piece from famous designers and Armani mostly appeals to my taste.”

The girl who has travelled all around the globe spends most her free time with friends at home. She doesn’t like night clubs – they occupy last place on the list of going out – she would rather visit a good restaurant with international cuisine or with Asian specialties. “I have found Nobu, a group of restaurants whose joint-owner is Hollywood star Robert de Niro,” says Ana.

“Everything is fantastic in them, from food to interior, anywhere in the world. Because of tennis, I don’t eat anything that is fatty, roasted or fried, nor the sweets. I only drink water and freshly squeezed juices. I adore meat and sea stuff, but it must be prepared without fat. I love pasta and rice. I like dairy beverages too. I eat fruit for breakfast. Sometimes it’s hard not to eat sweets, so I make a compensation by eating honey with cereals. Occasionally, but not frequently, I allow myself a favourite dessert – wafer crepes with Nutella.”

Though she is aware that many of her fans are equally interested in her wins and her private life, Ana has never revealed the second part. Although the media speculated that she was in love with a tennis player, the beauty has never confirmed it. It once occurred that she finished an interview some minutes early because of the intrusive questioning.

“I try not to talk about it. It is hard to determine in advance the type of a guy I would like. It is most important for me that he is a gentleman, educated and to have a good sense of humour. A bonus would be if he is tall and black-haired.”

Tennis is her priority at the moment; that is why she considers the goals she wants to achieve on the court as her life goals. Every day she practises really hard and all her energy is focused in that direction. “I have a competitor’s spirit. I am determined, I love what I do. I have a great team and phenomenal family that is always with me,” she says.

“I’m not the type of a person who easily succumbs to stress, but I’m a big perfectionist and I get angry when everything is not going the way I’d like on the court. It’s something I have to deal with, though it does not happen frequently. Outside of the profession, the only thing that can disturb me is jealousy. I don’t remember when was the last time I lost my nerves.”

Her energy, persistence and charm have prompted large international and domestic companies to ask her to appear in advertising campaigns. The last one was for Findomestic bank. “The atmosphere was pleasant and the people were kind,” she reveals.

“Everything was totally in keeping with the reputation of a bank that is new in the Serbian market. It was interesting for me to do something completely different from what I do every day. I spend days on tennis courts, in hotels and restaurants, so these advertising shots were really stimulating for me. Generally speaking, what woman doesn’t like dressing up and being photographed? It only surprised me how tiring these things are. A couple of time I was more tired than after a tennis match!”