How fast was Ana yesterday?

How fast was Ana yesterday?

Ana has been wearing an adidas Speed Cell in her tennis shoes during the US Open. A cutting-edge technology, it records all of Ana's movements and allows statistical analysis to be performed after the match.

The small chip, which fits under the insole of compatible miCoach footwear, synchronises wirelessly with an adaptor that is plugged into either a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPod, and shows users how much distance they covered and the top speed they reached, among other statistics.

In her second round match against Sofa Arvidsson, Ana reached a top speed of 16.65km/h, while in her round one match she was recorded at a high of 13.95km/h.

The technology is on sale to the public and has been demonstrated by footballers Lionel Messi and Daniel Alves.

For more information visit the adidas miCoach website.