Observer Sport Monthly cover feature

Observer Sport Monthly cover feature

Ana is on the cover of Observer Sport Monthly, one of Britain's most-read magazines.The 20-year-old took part in a photoshoot and interview shortly before the Zurich Open in October.

The following an extract from the interview, written by Adrian Deevoy:

Does your personality change once you’re on court?
I’m more aggressive. It has to happen because if you’re too soft you’re going to lose. I’m very easy‑going off court, but I really want to win once I’m walking on to the court.

At that moment, do you hate your opponent?
I try not to think about the person, just their tactics, their weaknesses and strengths. I play against the ball. It doesn’t really matter who you’re playing at that point.

Even if you’re facing one of the Williams sisters?
That’s a little harder. They play very aggressively.

Earlier this afternoon, Ivanovic made a fleeting appearance on the sports floor of an upmarket (this is Switzerland, they don’t do downmarket) department store. As a resident of Basel, she is treated as a local in Zurich. Her approachability is appreciated and fans cluster around as she dispenses multilingual goodwill and free Adidas T‑shirts.

Describe your bedroom as a child.
When I was very young I shared my bedroom with my brother. He’s four years younger than me. Later we had separate rooms. Mine was apricot-coloured – nice, eh? I was so happy because I had a TV in my room. I wasn’t crazy about putting posters up of movies stars or singers. I only really loved Monica Seles – I was so obsessed.

Your parents must have found your tennis obsession strange...
Yes, firstly because I was such a clumsy kid. I couldn’t run without knocking something over. Then I wanted to play tennis and no one in my family knew anything about tennis. Looking back, I really don’t know what attracted me to it, but I still have a video of my first-ever practice, when I was five. Watching it now, there was a little bit of talent there; I could hit the ball.