Revista Tenis cover

Revista Tenis cover

Ana is on the cover of the new issue of Revista Tenis, the largest tennis publication in Brazil.

The eight-page feature includes some of the very best images of Ana. The following is an extract from the interview:

You reached the Wimbledon junior’s final. Could you tell us how that tournament was? Was it your first great result as a junior? When did you realize you could be a great tennis player?
It’s still one of my best experiences in tennis. I love Wimbledon so to reach the final was an unbelievable experience for me, and it also helped for playing professionally in the same place. I had some other good results in juniors, for example I won some quite big tournaments in Australia and America. This tournament at Wimbledon gave me some more confidence and actually I stopped playing junior tournaments after that, I played only woman’s tennis.

Do you remember which your first racquet was? Do you still have it? Did you keep it?
My very first racket was Rucanor. It was a present for my fifth birthday. I still have it in the cupboard in my bedroom. After that racket I had a Wilson racket and I have used Wilson since then.

In just two years you have achieved the top 20. It’s surely not a usual thing in professional tennis because circuit is too competitive. Looking backwards, how did you manage to do this? How would you explain all this early success?
This is a tough question. I am a very determined person and also very motivated. I worked very hard to achieve these goals. But it seems strange to think about it now. I just took each match at a time and I am very pleased that I went up through rankings quickly.

I’m sorry, but I must ask this. Do you have a boyfriend? If you do, could you tell us his name and what he does? Could you say which qualities does a man need to have to impress you?
I don’t have a boyfriend. For me it is important that the man is humble, I don’t like arrogance. Also he must have a goal. A good sense of humour is important too. If he can be tall with dark looks that is even better!