"Sport" newspaper interview

"Sport" newspaper interview

Ana was recently interviewed by Sport newspaper in Serbia. The following is a transcript:

Did you fulfil most of your professional and personal goals up to now? There's practically no country you haven't visited, no emotion you haven't already experienced; you've already earned enough money, you've met many people, you've reached almost the top in your tennis career...Is there something that can still excite you, something that you haven't experienced yet? Perhaps a gift, trip...anything at all?
I didn’t even start yet! My goal is to be No.1 and win all the Grand Slams, so I’ve got a long way to go before I reach this ambition. Regarding places to visit, there are many cities and countries I haven’t been to, for example India and China. You’re right, I have experienced so many emotions during my young career, and there will be many more ahead. Lots of things excite me: that’s the great thing about tennis – each match is different.

How many pairs of sneakers do you change per year and what do you do with your sport equipment? Do you just give it to someone or you return it to your sponsors?
It’s hard to say an exact number. I use maybe 20 pairs of shoes each year. It’s important not to wear new ones for a match, because you need to “wear them in”.

It’s funny you should ask this question because I was recently joking with my management how my apartment is like an adidas warehouse: in some rooms there is no space to move because the old collections are everywhere I look! I keep my favourite things and I give the other stuff away, usually to fans or for charity auctions.

Did you recently have the opportunity to play basketball “one on one” with your brother Milos?
Yes, in Miami we played a little bit: me, my father, my brother and my fitness coach Scott. We found a court near our hotel. It was fun – Milos and I won, of course!

The media has connected you with Mario Ancic, Tommy Robredo and there were even speculations that you were in relationship with Novak Djokovic. What is your opinion about this auction of names of your supposed boyfriends and does the fact that you are the only one of the Serbian professional tennis players who still has an unresolved love status upset you in any way?
It doesn’t upset me. I think it’s natural for journalists to write about this. I am sometimes interested to hear some celebrity gossip, so I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t accept it. It’s funny to hear these stories about yourself and someone who you never even met! It’s another part of the game that you have to get used to. There’s no point wasting energy and getting angry about it.

Did you ever think of changing your hair cut or the colour of your hair? Or perhaps changing your image in any way? Can you imagine yourself as a blonde one day?
I would never dye my hair blonde but changing my hairstyle is always a possibility – I’ve done it a few times. But I always like to have long hair.

Photo: Manuela Davies / doubleXposure.com