Sports Illustrated for Kids serving tutorial

Sports Illustrated for Kids serving tutorial

The new issue of Sports Ilustrated for Kids includes a feature on Ana demonstrating the serve. Here is the text from the article:

1. Toss is boss
Keep your arm straight and toss the ball in the air with your left hand (lefties should do the opposite). Throw the ball straight up and a little bit in front of the baseline. "Don't toss the ball too high, because it's hard to time your serve," says Ana. The ball should be just high enough to hit the middle of your racket when your arm is stretched out.

2. Fancy footwork
Point your feet toward the area of the court that you want to serve to. Before you toss the ball, your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Once the ball is in the air, slide your back foot toward your front foot, bend your knees, and then rise up as you make contact with the ball.

3. Follow through
It's easiest to serve with the face of your racket pointed straight at the net. Follow through so that the racket ends up next to your left leg. As soon as you are done serving, pop up as quickly as possible so you are ready for the return.

Click here to watch the video of Ana's demonstration, which was filmed in Los Angeles in August.

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