Sportski Zurnal interview

Sportski Zurnal interview

Ana was recently interviewed by Sportski Zurnal newspaper in Serbia. The following is an extract from the Q & A session:

Would you like to outline your road to recovery? What is your plan to get back to the top?
I’ve had a great break, spending time with friends and family and doing some travelling. I feel rested and like I am about to re-start everything. The most important thing is to stay injury free and to train in the right way. I will be working again with Sven and it gives me confidence to think how well we worked together during the off-season two years ago.

Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin will return in 2010. What do you think about how tougher will it be next season because of them, and who will rule tennis world?
It’s hard to make predictions on rankings or who will win tournaments, but it’s for sure going to be a very interesting season. Obviously the Williams sisters are always very strong, and now we have Kim and Justine coming back, along with other established players like Safina and Dementieva. It’s a very strong field. I wasn’t surprised to see Kim playing so well so quickly – although I didn’t expect her to win the US Open! – and I’m sure Justine will also be in very good form.

Serbia plays Russia in first round of Fed Cup and if we keep winning, all rounds up to the final will be played in Belgrade. Do you see our country as a champions of the Fed Cup in a year's time?
It’s a very exciting thought and for sure we have a chance. Playing at home in Belgrade will help and I’m really looking forward to the Russia match in February. But it’s the most difficult draw for us and it can definitely go either way. It’s easy to get excited and say we can win, but it’s better to stay calm and just think about beating Russia. It could be one of the most exciting sporting events Belgrade has seen in a long time.

Photo: Verano