Story Magazine feature

Story Magazine feature

Ana was recently featured in Story Magazine in Serbia. The interview included some interesting new material, which is translated below:

How do you celebrate important wins?
I always celebrate after winning a tournament. But, as I am really exhausted after several tough matches, it’s never a big party – mostly going to one of my favourite restaurants. For example, the night after I won Los Angeles, I went to Hollywood, to Koi restaurant, where Asian food is served and I adored it. It’s interesting that the night after winning Berlin, I spent in a hotel room with an injured ankle that I needed to put ice on every 15 minutes. Nevertheless, while sitting and holding my leg on the table, there was champagne and my team around me.

Tell us some of your good memories from childhood.
I have many good memories from junior tournaments, where as children we used to play around the courts after matches. Now it is funny when I remember that Novak Djokovic and I, like other children, after playing matches in tournaments, used to play hide-and-seek until late in the night. I also fondly remember unforgettable summer and winter vacations with friends.

What is the feeling like to receive congratulations from the President and Prime Minister of Serbia?
It is a special honour for me to get congratulations from such highly respected people. It always gives me motivation and incentive to continue to work hard. I met the President Boris Tadic two years ago in Rome, at the Serbian Embassy. After the conversation, I got the impression that the President highly respects the achievements of our sportsmen, and that he understands sport very well.

How would you describe the way your mother Dragana and father Miroslav brought you up?
My parents have always been dedicated to me and my 16-year-old brother Milos. They gave us a lot of attention, time and understanding. We grew up with the feeling that we can confide and openly discuss things with them, without the threats of big punishment if we did anything wrong. Everything was solved with conversations and in a positive atmosphere.

Has it always been like that?
My parents used to treat us as grown-ups ever since we were very little, and they gave us a chance to express our opinions. For example, the nineties were turbulent years during my childhood, but they remain nice memories just because of my parents, because they did everything for us. I remember, for instance, that getting petrol was limited, so we couldn’t go to training by car every day. But, the solution was found: we borrowed two bicycles, so my father and I went to trainings and he carried my tennis bag on his back.

How much do you appreciate your parents’ sacrifice?
Without their persistence and sacrifice I surely wouldn’t be in the top 10! They recognised my love for tennis, and gave me all the opportunities to play it. My mum often says that I always loved tennis so much that they simply had nothing else to do but to support me.

Do you wish to fall in love?
No, I am sure that falling in love is something you cannot plan, it comes naturally, most often when you least expect it.

What does the term “love” mean to you?
There are different kinds of love, but they all have one thing in common that involves understanding, respect and unreserved support for each other.

Is that what life is all about, for you?
That is a philosophical question, but for me life makes sense if a person uses it to expand their knowledge, capabilities, discover new things and shares it all with the people they are close to.

How do you react to male suitors?
I remember that one time, at the airport in Bali, a guy came to me and said that he followed my matches. He added that he liked the way I played tennis, and that we would meet each other some day and then I would definitely marry him! It really surprised me, I replied to him shortly and left. Later on, it turned out that he was on the same plane with me. A couple hours into the flight, the stewardess brought me an unsigned letter. The unknown guy presented himself nicely in that letter and apologised for the way he came to me, and for the words he shocked me with!