UNICEF conference takes place in Belgrade

UNICEF conference takes place in Belgrade

The second conference of the "School without Violence“ network, the UNICEF campaign in Serbia with which Ana is directly involved, was held in Belgrade last week under the title “Let’s Stop Violence Together – Violence Does Not Stop By Itself”. It was organized by UNICEF Serbia and the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The conference brought together more than 350 students, teachers and principals of primary schools in Serbia, mentors of the “School without Violence“ programme, educational counsellors and inspectors, as well as representatives of competent ministries and UNICEF.

The objective of the conference was to strengthen and expand the network of schools without violence, stimulate better cooperation between schools and local communities and improve the educational performance of schools.

Minister Obradovic and UNICEF Area Representative Judita Reichenberg awarded certificates to representatives of 43 primary schools who had enabled further realisation of activities aimed at preventing violence within the “School without Violence” programme, thus joining a network of 101 schools without violence. 12 out of 43 certified schools were included in the programme thanks to Ana's donations. The students thanked Ana once again with beautiful artwork and a "thank you" message, for her continued support.

Ana said: "I am proud of the excellent progress we have made together in this programme. Violence in school is still a problem in Serbia and we need to do all we can to continue to make schools safer for kids."

UNICEF Area Representative Judita Reichenberg congratulated representatives of those schools on their certificates and said: “Only five years have passed since the first pilot schools applied the "School without Violence" programme, and now 101 schools pride themselves on having acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for tackling the problem of violence in a successful manner and for paving the way for other schools. 

"You have undertaken a difficult task, but you should know that you are not alone and that we are here for you. We have carefully monitored your work and your achievements, but we have also paid attention to your remarks, concerns and, at times, failures… We are also making an effort to think of new ideas together with you, which will make you stronger.”