Welcome to Ana’s revamped website

Welcome to Ana’s revamped website

It is a great pleasure for us to present you Ana’s revamped website! Our aim was to create a site that brings Ana closer to the fans all around the world. We hope you enjoy all the extras we have put into the site.

The release of the new website is in direct response to fans’ comments. One of the most frequent email topics we received in the past year about Ana’s Autograph cards. The new ecommerce module which allows secure ordering is now integrated in the website.

Another new feature is a weekly poll. If you have good ideas for a weekly poll, submit the poll question and possible choices through the contact form. Make sure you vote.

You can access Ana’s diary directly from the home page. Ana assured us she will write to us more often.

We also added new photo galleries, new press releases, new videos and “other famous people about Ana” collection of quotes.

Thank you for all your feedback so far, we will certainly discuss your ideas and suggestions and keep improving the site.