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Taylor's tips #2 Oct 15th 2006

Ana’s coach David Taylor gives his expert advice on how to prepare for matches

Obviously it’s important to be well hydrated but you don’t want to drink too much before you play because you can get an overactive bladder, which means you’re going to the toilet too often. That often happens when people are nervous, they drink too much.

Ana withdraws from Zurich Oct 13th 2006

Ana has been forced to withdraw from the Zurich Open due to the shoulder injury she sustained during practice in Stuttgart a fortnight ago. The doctor’s advice is that though the injury has healed, her shoulder is not yet ready for competition.

Taylor's tips #1 Oct 12th 2006

In the first of a new series, Ana's coach David Taylor offers advice to recreational players


Competitions! Oct 11th 2006

We are delighted to launch a new feature: monthly free-to-enter competitions to win equipment personally signed by Ana.

Ana’s clothing and racket partners adidas and Wilson have kindly agreed to donate items that Ana will autograph. Each month we will randomly select one lucky winner, who will be sent his or her prize.

To celebrate this new feature we have a very special prize that Ana herself has donated: one of the Wilson nBlade rackets (pictured) that she used to win the Rogers Cup in Montreal in August.

Scott Byrnes chat, part three Oct 10th 2006

The third and final part of our chat with Ana’s strength and conditioning coach Scott Byrnes

Click here for
" >part one
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" >part two

Gavin Versi: Could you tell us about a typical day during a conditioning block?

Rankings update Oct 9th 2006

Ana’s singles and doubles rankings remain unchanged at 15th and 50th respectively in the latest lists published by the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour today. She also stays at No.14 in the Porsche Race.

Ana was not in action last week, having withdrawn from the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart because of injury. She in not competing this week either, but may move to a new career-high ranking next week due to those ahead of her losing points.

Scott Byrnes chat, part two Oct 9th 2006

The second instalment in our three-part chat with Ana’s strength and conditioning coach Scott Byrnes (pictured left). Click here for
" >part one

Gavin Versi: What’s your style? You seem pretty laid-back. Or are you really a disciplinarian?

Scott Byrnes chat, part one Oct 8th 2006

We caught up with Ana’s strength and conditioning coach
" >Scott Byrnes

Gavin Versi: Hi Scott. Could you start by telling us what you did before you began working with Ana?

Ask Ana #34 Oct 6th 2006

manon: Hi Ana: Will you come back to the Wismilak Tournament next year? You lost too soon but did you enjoy the tournament? (the player party...) I would love to see you next year because I live in Bali.
Ana: My schedule for next year is not decided so I don’t know. I thought that Bali was an amazing place. We are very lucky as professional tennis players because we get to see the world and many great places. The scenery in Bali is unbelievable, but very different to what I have seen elsewhere. It is definitely one of the most exotic places I have ever been to.

Ask Ana #33 Oct 4th 2006

Bernice Ng: Hi Ana! Who's your favourite player now?
Ana: Still Federer! His game is just amazing, the way he moves and the shots he can play. He is also a great guy.

David_Rose: What's the most annoying question people ask you?