The latest news about Ana!

Byrnes appointed fitness trainer Jul 30th 2006

Ana has appointed Australian Scott Byrnes as her new fitness trainer, having parted company with Switzerland’s Pierre Paganini. Byrnes, a distinguished conditioning coach, will work exclusively with Ana for between 100 and 150 days per year.

“Scott is a very talented trainer and, like my new coach David Taylor, a very nice guy who is fun to work with,” said Ana. “This is an important quality and I am confident that Scott will help me a lot with many areas of my game. I am very excited about my new coaching team.”

Tough draw at Acura Classic Jul 29th 2006

Ana has been handed a very difficult draw at the Acura Classic in San Diego. In her first event under the guidance of new coach David Taylor – and her first appearance since Wimbledon four weeks ago – Ana faces world No.75 Akiko Morigami in the round one. Thereafter it will be exceedingly tough for the 18-year-old.

Huber hails Ana Jul 28th 2006

Anke Huber kindly took time out from a vacation to answer a few questions about Ana and her role as the 18-year-old's mentor, as part of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour’s Partners for Success program.

What is your initial impression of Ana as a player?
Anke: I think Ana is a great tennis player with still a lot of potential. She can hit the ball very hard and her serve is already very strong. If she keeps on working hard she will soon be a top ten player.

And what about Ana as a person?

Ask Ana #22 Jul 27th 2006

Ashley: My Question, On average how many rackets would you go through in one tournament? -Ashley
Ana: Hey Ashley. I don’t smash any! I always have six rackets with me. A few will be strung differently, maybe half a kilo less tension depending on the conditions, or if there are new balls. I don’t think I have ever used more than three rackets in one match. Regards, Ana.

Ask Ana #21 Jul 25th 2006

SEElliott-TampaFlorida: Ana, playing pro tennis for sometime now, maybe you can explain during a match. I notice a player will win a set 6-1, and then turn around and get blown out in the second set 0-6...then making 3rd set a stressful one. Is there a rest period going on after you win a first set so big, and lose the second set so badly???.....usually winning the 3rd set. I don’t understand. You think you would run the second set like you do your first set??? Can you please explain this type of play, thanks my beautiful all-star WTA Idol

Ana stays at No.20 Jul 24th 2006

For the second successive week, there are no changes in the top 20 of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour singles rankings. Ana remains at No.20.

However, Ana moves down one place to No.20 in the Porsche Race. She is overtaken by Anabel Medina Garrigues of Spain, who won the Internazionali Femminili di Palermo last week. The 18-year-old’s doubles ranking stays at 94.

Ask Ana #20 Jul 22nd 2006

Jaco Wium: Ana, first, congratulations with an excellent career so far. You are currently in the Top 20 and attracting lots of attention and sponsorships. How much of your monthly schedule, on average, is devoted to sponsorship obligations, photoshoots, meetings and other off-court activities? Jaco

Mixed reaction to on-court coaching trial Jul 20th 2006

The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour’s decision to experiment with on-court coaching has been met with a lukewarm response by Ana and her coach David Taylor. They are both concerned that the rule change fundamentally alters the one-on-one nature of the sport.

Chat with Ana and David Taylor Jul 19th 2006

We caught up with Ana and her new coach David Taylor shortly after their second day of training together

Gavin Versi: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, David.
David Taylor: No problem at all.

GV: When did you first see Ana playing in person?

Ask Ana #19 Jul 18th 2006

erica: hey ana i saw that you said that 18 is too old to become a profesional... im 14 and i just started is it to late for me?
Ana: Hi Erica. I’m afraid it is probably too late also, but it is difficult to say for sure. I know that most professionals began playing before they were ten, so I would have to say that 14 is also too old because really you must practice for 1,000s of hours to become a professional, so you need to start when you are young. But if you are determined enough you never know! Regards, Ana.