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Ana featured in Vanity Fair Apr 22nd 2009

Ana is featured over six pages in the new issue of Vanity Fair Spain, which went on sale this week.

The 21-year-old looks demure in Perry Ogden's beautiful photography, while writer Andres Aguayo enthuses about Ana's humulity wonders whether she may become "the most important marketing phenom in tennis"...

Australian "Sport & Style" feature Apr 13th 2009

Ana is featured in the inaugural edition of Sport & Style in Australia . The publication is the sister of L'Equipe's Sport & Style magazine, for which Ana took part in a photo shoot last year.

The article is reproduced below. Please note that all views expressed are those of the author and the posting of this feature does not indicate any endorsement:

Holding court: Ana Ivanovic
Jessica Halloran
April 13, 2009 - 3:26PM

Ana featured on Mar 31st 2009

Ana is currently featureed on the website of the prestigious United States publication Vanity Fair. She was interviewed by writer Jessica Flint in New York last month just after the BNP Paribas Showdown exhibition. The following is an extract from the feature: chat transcript Mar 2nd 2009

Ana took part in a chat with fans on this morning, ahead of tonight's BNP Paribas Shown in New York. The following is a transcript:

Buzzmaster: We've got Ana!

Liz, England: Hi Ana,can you tell me how you cope with jet lag, and how long does it take you to get over jet lag?

Indside Sport cover feature Feb 22nd 2009

One of the most in-depth features on Ana ever-written appeared in the January issue of Inside Sport Magazine in Australia. By kind permission of the magazine and the author Suzi Petkovski, below is a full reproduction of it:

The Ana offensive
Too sweet to rule women’s tennis? Too nice? Too pretty? Not this Ana Ivanovic.

Gulf News interview Feb 20th 2009

Ana was interviewed by the Gulf News newspaper this week, to coincide with the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships. The following is a transcript:

As a successful tennis player it must be nice to splash out once in a while. What was the latest extravagant purchase you made?
A few months ago I bought a holiday home in Spain. I wouldn’t say it’s extravagant because it’s a good investment.

How long do you spend planning outfits for tournaments and do you test them extensively beforehand?

Australian Tennis magazine cover story Jan 12th 2009

Ana is on the cover of the current issue of Australian Tennis magazine. The feature is reproduced here:

By Vivienne Christie
‘Aussie’ Ana
She’s undoubtedly Serbia’s pride but with a special affinity for local events, Ana Ivanovic is also Australia’s joy

Ana on cover of Inside Sport magazine Jan 9th 2009

Ana is on the cover of the current issue of Inside Sport, a leading Australian publication. She is the subject of a brilliantly-written 3,000-word feature by journalist Suzi Petkovski, the opening passage of which is reproduced below:

The Ana offensive
Too sweet to rule women’s tennis? Too nice? Too pretty? Not this Ana Ivanovic.

Sport & Style magazine interview Dec 29th 2008

Please note that the following is a translation from the French language so may contain inaccuracies. Click here to see Ana on the cover of L’Equipe’s Sport & Style magazine.

Ana Glam Slam
By Yves Bongarcon

Interview with The Australian Dec 27th 2008

Ana was this week interviewed by The Australian, the only national newspaper in Australia:

Stunner enjoys racket on, off court
Margie McDonald | December 27, 2008

ANA Ivanovic made half of her earnings to date in just one year, 2008, and she will take some valuable lessons learned from last season into the New Year, along with her healthy bank account.