Press & Interviews

Ana on cover of Swiss magazine Nov 26th 2008

Ana is on the cover of the November issue of Regio Aktuell magazine in Switzerland. The following is a translated extract from the interview with Dominique Zahnd:

Schweizer Illustrierte feature Oct 30th 2008

Ana was featured in the popular Swiss lifestyle magazine Schweizer Illustrierte earlier this month.

The pages and a short, translated extract from the exclusive interview are shown here:

Schweizer Illustrierte: What is your impression of Switzerland?
It's peaceful and quiet. I'm happy that I can relax there easily. People don't really approach me in the street; everyone respects each other's privacy.

What do you like about Basel?

"Zira" interview Oct 29th 2008

Ana was interviewed by Serbian broadcaster Pink TV on Monday, during a photo shoot for her sponsor Verano.

The following is a translated transcript of the interview:

Nenad Stefanovic, Pink TV: It is a great honour and pleasure of mine to have Ana Ivanovic beside me, here in a cozy atmosphere at the Zira hotel. Ana, you raised the trophy in Linz yesterday, today you are here in Belgrade. Yesterday’s victory in Linz cannot be compared to Roland Garros, but I think it means psychologically almost as much as that one.

Ana appears on Chinese magazine covers Oct 7th 2008

Ana recently graced the covers of two magazines in China: Sports Illustrated and the popular lifestyle publication Beijing News Weekly (BQ).

The following are short extracts from each interview:

Sports Illustrated China: You once told us that you do not like losing, even when playing chess with your coach, so, are you still bearing that will in mind? Have you ever sensed the pressure caused by your will to win? How did you handle that?

Tennis Business Magazine interview Aug 17th 2008

Ana was recently interviewed by Russian journalist Alexey Potapov for Tennis Business Magazine. The following is an extract from the question-and-answer session:

Tennis Business Magazine: Ana, it is known that you love the Greek mythology. Who is your favourite mythological character?
Ana: I actually don't read so much Greek mythology these days. My favourite story is about Atlantis. I also admire Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.

TBM: You have a lot of admirers in Russia. Will you be coming to Russia for the Kremlin Cup?

Paul Fein interview Jul 13th 2008

Earlier this year Ana was interviewed by the award-winning tennis writer Paul Fein. The interview has been published in several publications, most notably as the cover story of Sports Illustrated in South Africa. The following is an extract from the interview:

Of your mother, Dragana, you recently said, “She’s my best friend, too. It’s so important to have her on the road with me.” In what ways does your mother help you?

Ana on Corriere della Sera Magazine cover Jul 10th 2008

Ana is featured on the cover of the current issue of Corriere della Sera Magazine.

Ana talked to writer Cristina Cimino about achieving her dream of becoming world No.1, family, life after tennis and other topics.

The following is a reproduction of the introduction of the feature:

Ana graces FHM cover Jun 28th 2008

Ana is on the cover of the new issue of FHM. The magazine, which goes on sale in Britain and in North America next week, includes a stunning 12-page feature on Ana.

The 20-year-old was captured by photographer Don Flood in Palm Springs earlier this year. As well as the beautiful pictures, there is an exclusive interview with the world No.1.

Ana featured in TIME Magazine Jun 23rd 2008

A lengthy interview feature with Ana appears in the new issue of TIME Magazine in the United States. The following is a reproduction of the story:

Ana Ivanovic: Tennis's Next Megastar

Oh, you know those tennis divas. Coddled from childhood. Pushed by their parents to some high-priced academy. Coached day and night. Flights in first class. Bombs sailing by Grandma's front door.

Daily Telegraph features Jun 14th 2008

Ana was on the front page of The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Britain today. She was also on the cover of the magazine supplement, and the following feature interview appeared in the sport section:

Playtime for Ana Ivanovic
By Mark Hodgkinson