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Prestup magazine interview Oct 11th 2007

Ana was recently interviewed by Prestup magazine in Serbia. Here is a translation:

What were your first tennis experiences?
The first tournaments I took part in were held in Belgrade, so it was a national level. I remember the first tournament I ever played in; I was in quarter-finals against the No.1 ranked girl and I beat her. At that time I didn’t know what a ranking list was, so I asked my dad to explain it.

What else do you remember?

Story Magazine feature Sep 18th 2007

Ana was recently featured in Story Magazine in Serbia. The interview included some interesting new material, which is translated below:

How do you celebrate important wins?

TENNIS Magazine cover story Sep 13th 2007

Ana is on the cover of the new issue of TENNIS Magazine, the North American-based biggest tennis magazine in the world.

The following is an extract from the feature by Peter Bodo:

ELLE Magazine feature Sep 7th 2007

Ana is featured in the new issue of ELLE Magazine in Serbia. The following is an approximate translated extract from the exclusive Q&A interview:

Are you, like the majority of sportspeople, superstitious?

Tennis Life Magazine cover story Sep 7th 2007

Ana is on the cover of the new issue of Tennis Life Magazine in North America.

Alix Ramsay's four-page feature looks at Ana's climb to the upper echelons of the women's game over the past few months, having recently spoken the 19-year-old.

Here is a short extract from the interview:

New York Observer cover story Aug 23rd 2007

Ana is today featured on the front page of the New York Observer.

Writer John Koblin describes the 19-year-old as "ridiculously attractive" and speculates that she "may be just the player the Women’s Tennis Association desperately needs."

The following is an extract from the 2,000-word feature:

Ana featured in Vogue and Men's Vogue Aug 21st 2007

Ana is featured in the new issues of both Vogue (USA) and Men's Vogue, which go on sale in North America today. She took part in a special photoshoot for both publications shortly after Wimbledon.

Under the headline “Mighty Aphrodite” Vogue pictures Ana in a typical English environment. The following is an extract from the feature by Robert Sullivan:

Financial Times and Reuters articles Aug 20th 2007

Ana was featured in two excellent newspaper stories over the weekend. The Financial Times described Ana as "tennis perfection", while Reuters published an extensive interview with the 19-year-old about her rise to the top and future goals.

From the Financial Times:

By Eleanor Preston

Interview Magazine feature Jul 26th 2007

Ana is featured in the new issue of Interview Magazine in North America. She is looking very pensive in a photograph taken in Paris just before the French Open.

Here is an extract from the article by Bill Vourvoulias:

"What Ivanovic has had since joining the WTA tour in 2004 are a booming serve and powerful ground strokes, and the two qualities have made tennis-world insiders take notice—attention Ivanovic proved well founded when she reached the final of the French Open this past June."

Ana featured in USA Today newspaper Jul 18th 2007

Ana was this week featured on the front page of the Sport section of USA Today, the biggest selling newspaper in North America. Please note that the article was written before Ana's knee injury was assessed, hence the reference to her participation in the forthcoming San Diego tournament.

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