Press & Interviews

Jumeirah Magazine interview May 15th 2013

Ana is featured in the new issue of Jumeirah Magazine, which is published by an affiliate of her sponsor, Dubai Duty Free.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Can you begin by telling us about your journey into tennis? 

Wine & Fine interview Apr 28th 2013

Ana recently gave a short interview to Wine & Fine about what she likes to see and do when she's in Belgrade. The following is a translated transcript of the interview:

Being in which part of the city makes you feels special?   

Women's Fitness interview Apr 18th 2013

Ana recently gave an interview to Women's Fitness magazine (UK). The following is a transcript:

What are your tops tips for amateur/weekend tennis players? 
The most important thing is to enjoy it. Obviously I am very lucky to be playing tennis professionally, so I take it very seriously, but I also enjoy it very much: just hitting the ball over the net, competing, it’s a lot of fun. So I always tell people to make sure they enjoy themselves on the court.

WTA 40 LOVE interview Apr 12th 2013

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Ana recently gave an interview to about her tennis beginnings:

Your bio says you begged your parents to take you to a tennis school after seeing it on TV, in particular Monica Seles - was there a match/any matches that inspired you the most, and can you talk a little bit about that match/those matches?

How to pack your racket bag Apr 5th 2013

Ana recently gave an interview to, advising amateur players about how to pack their racket bags. The following is a reproduction of the feature:

Pattaya tournament feature Jan 26th 2013

The following is a reproduction of a feature that will be published in the tournament programme of the PTT Pattaya Open next week:

The Smiling Serb Is Back!
by Barry Wood

It’s a warm welcome back to the PTT Pattaya Open for the smiling Serb, Ana Ivanovic, who has some unfinished business to attend to here.

WTA training feature Dec 25th 2012

Earlier this month Ana gave an interview to the newly redesigned WTA website, about her off-season training:
Hopefully you managed to take some time off and relax once the season ended. Where did you go for your holiday this year? 

Gloria cover story Dec 20th 2012

Earlier this autumn Ana gave an interview to celebrated Serbian television journalism Mira Adanja-Polak, who has been dubbed the “Serbian Barbara Walters”.

The interview formed the basis of a recent cover story in popular weekly magazine Gloria. The following is a translation of the text that appeared in Gloria: interview Dec 9th 2012

Following her recent visit to Milan to take part in an exhibition, Ana was this week interviewed by popular Italian website

The following is a transcript of the question-and-answer session:

tennishead feature Nov 30th 2012

The new issue of British tennis magazine tennishead includes a lengthy feature about Ana, focusing on her partnership with coach Nigel Sears.

The following is a reproduction of the story by Paul Newman: