Ana interviewed about art

Ana interviewed about art

Ana was recently interviewed by French arts magazine Technikart.

The following is a transcript of the question-and-answer session with Editor-In-Chief Charles Barachon:

What art piece would you like to own and why?
It would have to be Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace On The Place Du Forum. In a way it reminds me of socializing: spending relaxing nights with friends.

In which part of your house would you display it?
I would have to display it in the most-seen place: on a big wall by the entrance.

Did you ever visit Art Basel?
Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance, because I am always playing a tournament during the time it is held. I am planning to visit New York soon for a vacation, and I will go to the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums.

What is your strongest experience with an art piece or an exhibition?
I really like Peter Lik’s photos. I especially like Tranquillity and I may buy a print for my bedroom. Another of my favourites is Santorini Terrace. I’ve been to his exhibition at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.