Blick interview

Blick interview

Ana is today featured in Blick, the best-selling newspaper of Switzerland, where she is a resident.

The following is a translated extract from the interview with reporter Christian Buerge:

Blick: On a good day you convincingly beat top players like Vera Zvonareva and Svetlana Kuznetsova. Then 24 hours later you lose tamely against a nobody. What's behind this?
Ana: That example had to do with my back injury. But sometimes it's concerned with the head, with self-confidence. And often, everything is connected somehow. Success is sometimes easy. And sometimes it's complex.

You were perhaps the biggest Serbian star. Now it is Novak Djokovic. Do you have words for what he experienced this year? 
I wish I could do the same thing and learn. It's crazy. He is a hero in Serbia. What he has achieved is the dream of every athlete. I'm so happy for him, because we are very close friends. I saw him with the title win in Australia and I know how happy he is.

You live in Basel. Where can one see Ana Ivanovic? 
I live near the zoo. Sometimes I go to the wellness centre, to use the spa, the pool or to relax in the sauna. Or I go to Oliv, my favorite restaurant.

Photo: John Russo