Childhood interview

Childhood interview

Ana recently gave an interview to a Serbian magazine about her childhood.

The following is a translated extract:

What kind of baby were you? Is there an anecdote you can recount? Please describe your childhood and anything in particular you remember.
Ana: When I talk about my early childhood with my family there is always the story about me being a very demanding baby, and that I was exhausting my parents by refusing to sleep. That problem stayed over the years and I always felt I would miss something by sleeping. I was especially determined to refuse to go to bed when guests were coming for dinner, so probably I ruined most of the nice evenings my parents tried to have with their friends! 

I loved kindergarten but when I was four my brother was born and from that moment on I refused to go there anymore. Life took on a new dimension and I did not want to miss anything at home with the new baby! I believe my first memories begin with the birth of my brother. My biggest wish was to have a brother or sister.

I remember that I loved when my parents would take me to my grandparents and leave me there for a day or two. That was fantastic as they would never say “no” and everything was allowed.

How was your first day at school? Did you fit in? What subject were you best at and how about sports? Were you loved by your teachers?
Ana: I could hardly wait to start going to school. More than anything I was very curious, but also I was looking forward to receiving assignments and tasks to solve. I was shy with kids but I always wanted to get the best possible marks. My competitiveness was already visible back then. I liked maths the most. Regarding gymnastics, that was certainly not my favourite subject as I already started practising tennis, and that was what I was interested in and not other forms of exercise.
Regarding professors, I always saw them as big authorities!
Where did you spend most of your summer holidays? What kind of music were you into? Where did you go out? Did you have to get your parents’ permission to go out in the late hours, and were your parents strict?
Ana: During my early childhood we would go to Greece for summer holidays and also a few times to Montenegro. We always went with a group of my parents’ friends and their kids and it was lots of fun. When I was in primary school I did not go out much and I don’t think many of my friends did. Besides birthday parties, not much was happening at that age. 

We were listening to our popular pop music at that time like Tap 011, Luna and Moby Dick. 

Regarding my parents, when I started going out they were very much worried if I would stay late. I cannot say they were strict, but they made sure I always told them where I was and with whom.
Did you ever quarrel with your parents? What kind of relationship do you have with your mother and father? Could you describe your relationship with your brother Milos? 
Ana: My parents always tried to develop a relationship of trust with my brother and me. We could talk about everything openly. They also tried to always be there for us, to give us advice if we needed it but also to let us make decisions for ourselves. 

Of course we had fights but mostly about small things like who had to do what at home. The fact that my mother and I were traveling a lot and our family was not together most of the time meant that we did not have too many opportunities to argue. 

My brother and I are very close and I always missed him a lot. Milos is very good adviser and someone who can always make me laugh even when I am very sad. We are very protective of one another.