Coopzeitung cover interview

Coopzeitung cover interview

Ana is on the cover of the new issue of Coopzeitung, one of the most-read publications in Switzerland, where she lives.

The following is an extract from the Q & A interview:

What is your relationship to Switzerland, and why did you choose to live here?

I’ve been living in Switzerland for a long time now. I first came here when I was a kid – I was just 13 or 14. I came here because of tennis: the training facilities in Belgrade, where I was born, were very limited. All of my old coaches live there, and my manager Dan Holzmann is there too.

I’ve really grown to love it in Switzerland. It’s so peaceful and everyone respects each other’s privacy. The landscapes are also very beautiful, and I enjoy training here, especially in the summer.

Do you know a bit about the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and what are the places you like there?

I was in Geneva a few weeks ago, to visit the UNICEF headquarters and also the Rolex factories. I had a great time there. That’s another thing I like about Switzerland: the variety of cultures and languages.

Which players (women and men) do you admire and why?
The players I look up to the most are Roger and Rafa. Both of them are such great professionals. What impresses me most about Roger is the way he conducts himself on the court. It’s clear that he’s also a very emotional person but he controls it so well and is always very composed. Rafa also has a great attitude on the court, he’s exciting to watch and, like Roger, he’s a real gentleman.