"Either or" interview

"Either or" interview

Ana recently gave a short interview to Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung for its "Either...or" section: she had to choose between two options that the interviewer gave her.

The French Open or Wimbledon?
I’d have to say the French, because I’ve had so many great experiences there: winning it, reaching my first final, and my first Grand Slam quarter-final. It’s my favourite tournament.

Belgrade or Basel?
My heart will always be in Belgrade – it’s my hometown. Over the years I have learnt that the quality of life in Basel is very high. It’s so peaceful and everyone is respectful of your privacy. So I have to choose both!

Cevapcici or fondue?
I’m Serbian so I love meats, so I have to say cevapcici.

Holidays in the mountains or at the beach?

The beach. It’s my favourite destination.

Federer or Nadal?
I’m friends with both so I can’t choose one!

Sports or photo shootings?
Come on, what kind of question is that?! Sport, of course.

Cooking or cleaning?

Definitely cooking.

High heels or sports shoes?
High heels, although I don’t wear them so often.

Reading a book or Playstation?