Hello! (Serbia) interview

Hello! (Serbia) interview

Ana recently gave an interview to Hello! magazine in Serbia, during which they quizzed her on her "beauty secrets". The following is a translated extract from the Q & A:

You are professional tennis player, do you have some special beauty rituals?
Considering I am a tennis player and that most of the time my skin is exposed to the sun or wind, I make sure I regularly put on sun block. And of course I use a cleanser and a moisturising cream for basic care.

Have you ever coloured your hair, and what are some good tips for a nice hair look when you do not have time for hairdresser?

I have never coloured my hair. I don't have much time to go to the hairdresser, so most of the time the best solution for me is "freshly" washed hair and a good conditioner that gives shine.

As a pro tennis player, do you like massages and which is the best type of massage for you: relaxing, sports or something else?

I am having massages regularly, which is part of the recovery process after hard training or a match. Unfortunately these sport massages can be very painful and deep and not enjoyable at all! But relaxing massage are something I can not live without either.