Kurir Stil cover interview

Kurir Stil cover interview

Ana is on the cover of the new issue of Kurir Stil magazine in Serbia.

The following is a translated extract from the question-and-answer session:

You are a role model for many kids in Serbia. How much do you think kids appreciate your experience and knowledge?
It's probably my biggest honour, to be someone that kids maybe look up to. I take this responsibility very seriously and I really enjoy taking part in activities with UNICEF. I think that it's important that they see that it is possible to achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious they are, if you believe in yourself, and have the right people around you. I always encourage them in this way when I spend time with children, not just in Serbia.

Have you ever thought about what you will do when you finish your tennis career?
Not really, because I am still young and focused on achieving my goals in tennis. But I have been asked this question quite a lot and obviously that causes me to think about it a little. I am sure that tennis will always play some part in my life, and maybe I will go into some sort of business. That interests me.

What would you do for love, are you a romantic person, and do you listen to your heart or head when you are in love?
I am a romantic person, I like things such as candlelit dinners on the beach. For me it is important that in a relationship you are committed to the other person, but you retain your own identity – both of you.