Media digest: UNICEF event

Media digest: UNICEF event

The following are translated extracts from various interviews Ana gave at Filip Filipovic primary school in Serbia last Friday, as she took part in a special event on behalf of UNICEF.

B92 television:

On UNICEF's "School Without Violence" programme:

"I was shocked in 2007, when I joined the “School without Violence” programme, when I saw that 62% of children were abused, by teachers or pupils, not just physically but verbally, so it was shocking news for me at that time, and I wanted to help in that area. Many primary schools joined the programme, so we have now moved onto some high schools and our goal naturally is to expand and raise the awareness of how big the problem is."

RTS telelvision:

On her 2012 season: 

"This year was certainly better that the previous ones, especially because I reached the US Open quarter-finals - that was my biggest result of the year. But I surely believe I can do better, which is obviously my goal for next season. Now I have been preparing and I want this year to be the trigger for the coming years."

Novosti newspaper:

On her off-season training:

"I started preparing last week, here in Belgrade. We have got big goals for 2013, with a good chance to add some points in the first half of the year and rise in the rankings. In order to achieve that, a preparation period is of a huge importance, mostly because of making a good base. 

"It wasn’t the case in the last couple of years as I had many injuries, so I wasn’t able to work as hard as I wanted. Tennis has always been present in my work, but not the physical part, so I want to focus on that in order to be ready for the next season. Apart from Nigel Sears, [fitness trainer] Zlatko Novkovic, whom I have a good cooperation with, is going to help me achieve it."