Press Revija (Serbia) cover interview

Press Revija (Serbia) cover interview

Ana is today on the cover of Press Revija, the magazine of popular Serbian newspaper Press.

The following is a translated extract from the Q & A session:

When you were a child, what did you have to give up because of tennis training? What was it like to be a young tennis player?
Ana: Actually, when I was very young I don’t think I gave anything up. Tennis was always such a joy to play and they had to drag me off the court at the end of the coaching session! If I hadn’t been playing tennis so often I would probably have been doing some other sport. I was also quite academic and I enjoyed school. I think I had a great balance between tennis, school work and spending time with my family and friends. I had a very happy childhood and I am grateful to my parents for that.

The “sacrifice” was more when I was a teenager: I think for me the hardest thing was spending so much time away from my family from the age of about 12, when I started playing junior tournaments overseas. Fortunately my mum travelled with me, but I really missed my father and brother.

You are often recognized as the most beautiful tennis player in the world. Does it flatter or bother you?
Ana: Thanks a lot. That’s a lovely compliment. It doesn’t bother me: every woman likes to hear compliments for how they look and I am no different. It also shows that people must be following my tennis, which is good to know.

You were photographed as the "queen of China". Were you enchanted by the Chinese culture? If you were really a queen, what would your reign look like?
Ana: I’m not sure I was the queen! I do enjoy Chinese culture and I love visiting countries that are so different from our own. The autumn trip to Japan and China is definitely the most interesting part of the season, off the court.

Regarding “my reign”, I would try to do a lot more for the weaker people in society, especially underprivileged children.