interview interview

Ana was recently interviewed by leading Russian website

The following is an extract from the question-and-answer session with journalist Paul Nitkin:

When was the last time you cried? What makes you laugh?  
The last time I cried was probably on my birthday, when I spoke to my brother, because I miss him very much. He’s studying at university in England and I was in Bali for a tournament.

I laugh every day. I have a lot of fun with my coaches. We don’t take things too seriously, and we all laugh at each other. The movie that makes me laugh perhaps more than any is The Hangover. I’ve seen it so many times.

There is now a new generation of WTA-players such as Kvitova, Azarenka, Wozniacki. And you are quite a bit more experienced than them. Can you say that despite your very young age, you think of yourself as a veteran like Sharapova (who is also young) or the Williams sisters? With whom do you get on better – new girls or established stars? Is there any division between generations? 
I don’t feel like a veteran at all! But it’s true that I am somewhere in between the younger players and the older generation. My best friends are my age, or maybe even a little bit younger: I hang out with Sorana Cirstea and Sofia Arvidsson whenever we play the same tournaments.

I wouldn’t say there is any division between the generations. For example, Wozniacki and Serena are good friends. Although in general there isn’t huge friendship, we talk to each other no matter what the ages.  

Have you ever thought about having kids? Boy or girl? Would you like to have big family?
Yes, I would love to have a big family, with at least three kids. Becoming a mother is important to me. But I am not planning on doing that anytime soon. That will be for after my career, when I have retired.