What is in Ana's racket bag?

What is in Ana's racket bag?

During the US Open last year, for a feature in German Tennis Magazin, Ana revealed the contents of her racket bag and explained why she carries each item:

Racket bag
It’s very cool that Yonex embroider my name on my racket bag. It’s a nice touch and makes me feel a little proud. I receive a new bag with a new design every 12 months or so.

I usually take five rackets onto court, and three of them will be freshly strung at different tensions, depending on the conditions. For example, if it’s windy I would string one racket a little bit tighter, to give more control.

I am so used to wearing a visor that I sometimes even wear it indoors! It’s obviously important to shield my eyes from the sun.

In the same way that a woman likes to accessorize her outfit when she goes out to dinner, a tennis player likes to have a nicely co-ordinated outfit on the court, so I always like to have sweatbands that include some of the colour of my dress.

After my racket, my dress and shoes are my most important pieces of equipment. A lot of work goes into designing the dress and I meet with adidas five or six times a year to discuss new outfits and to make sure they fit properly. My all-time favourite dress would have to be the red one I wore when I won the French Open in 2008. This one reminds me of that a little.

Energy Bar
I always keep an energy bar or two in my bag, to eat during matches. It’s especially important to take on more energy during a long match, of course.

Bananas are one of the best foods to eat to get energy quickly during a match. I also love the taste!

I always have a book with me, although these days I’ve been relying on my Kindle. During the US Open I was reading The Joy of Living, which I found interesting. It is a self-help book concerned with how the mind works.

Hair bands
I always tie my hair into a ponytail in the locker room before I go on court, so a hair band is essential.

Ink & Stencil
The professional stringers at tournaments always add Yonex’s logo to my rackets, but I keep some ink and the logo stencil in my bag for emergencies.

Very important! Security at the US Open is especially strict – they scan your pass many times each day.

Lip balm
I keep lip gloss in my personal handbag, but in my racket bag I carry lip balm, to make sure my lips are hydrated on the court.