Ana's family

Ana's family

“I always receive unbelievable support from my family,” says Ana. “I owe them a lot”.

Ana is very close to her family and vice versa; they attend tournaments whenever they can. Her mother Dragana is omnipresent throughout the year, while father Misha and brother Milos always attend the French Open and Wimbledon plus a few other events each year.

“Milos is the biggest fan of Ana,” says Dragana. “He really enjoys coming to tournaments. For him it’s not a problem if he is at the club the whole day waiting for the match. He makes Ana laugh, he makes her relaxed. He wants to support her and he is very proud of her.”

Misha and Dragana, who have never before played tennis, are the very antithesis of the pushy tennis parents. “Ana pushed us!” jokes Dragana. “We saw how much she loves tennis from an early age, so really we had no choice!”

The support her parents gave her is encapsulated in a lovely anecdote Ana told in a recent interview, when asked how they overcame the difficulties of growing up in a tough economic climate in Belgrade.

“Getting petrol was limited, so we couldn’t go to training by car every day,” she recalled. “But the solution was found: we borrowed two bicycles, so my father and I went to trainings and he carried my tennis bag on his back.”

The Ivanovic family is very good-humoured, and it’s easy to see from where Ana got her positive mentality. Despite their out-going nature, both Dragana and Misha refuse to give interviews. “I like to keep a low-profile,” explains Dragana.

Ana says: “I enjoy tournaments the most when my whole family is there. The French Open and Wimbledon are extra special, because they always attend both.”

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