Gavin Versi, Director of Ana's management company

Gavin Versi, Director of Ana's management company

Gavin is primarily responsible for Ana's media activities, including arranging interviews, attending photoshoots, and overseeing her website. He also serves as a client manager for Ana's sponsors.

Gavin graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2004. By this time he had already established himself as a leading tennis writer, after co-authoring an exclusive about match-fixing that appeared on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph a year earlier.

The 30-year-old follows most sports, loves black and white films and, naturally, he has a keen interest in current affairs. He is known for his sharp recall of tennis trivia.

“Working with Ana is a joy,” says Gavin, who first joined dh management as a consultant in 2005. “She has great charm and she’s someone you can share a joke with.”

Ana says: “I’ve learnt a lot from Gavin. He works very hard and he’s definitely someone I can trust.

“When I first met him he had black hair. Now I think it’s started to go grey – he says it’s from watching my matches!”